Look At Speaking English From A Completely Different Perspective

Talk To Me is the next step in language services and education, that revolutionises you in ways traditional learning never could.

How It Actually Works

Your lessons can be taken online with English natives from around the world, as well as face-to-face in our stunning office in the heart of Warsaw, Poland.

All translation, proofreading and editing services can be done
completely remotely with almost zero effort on your end.

If you are expanding your business abroad, please get in touch
to see how we can help you unleash the company’s full potential by providing our language services.

For all business and individual enquiries, please feel free to contact us with further details.

Discover Talk To Me Services

Our Teachers are all native teachers, with adequate and ample teaching experience. We hand tailor each lesson based around our client’s career, hobbies and personal interests. Whether the lesson takes place online or in person, quality and personalisation is of utmost importance to us!

Our individual lessons are 60 minutes long and are offered in convenient packages.

Contact us to choose the most suitable plan for your English speaking future.

Our services include comprehensive and where needed, sworn, translation of legal agreements, documents, websites and labels, as well as precise linguistic editing and proofreading done by a native speaker, providing you with a perfectly formatted content.

We are known for educating individuals, whose public service career paths demand impeccable language skills. Our trained native teachers expose students to the advanced jargon within a particular field.

Talk To Me offers personalised lessons for staff and team members, who will be engaging with native English speakers as part of their roles. Additionally, we provide simultaneous translation and interpretation online and in person. We also offer packages of full document, label and website translation before moving your business into a foreign market.

Looking for Business English?

Business English is nothing more than a catchy marketing phrase. Maintaining a professional work conversation in a business manner requires real speaking practice, sometimes about other things than your work.

Our individual lessons and packages allow you and your staff to learn how to make a formal email sound superb, handle a conference business call proficiently, and speak competently with utmost confidence.

Growing your business abroad?

We are known for our exquisite work on helping companies expand their business into foreign language markets. We will deal with your documents, translation and other formalities, as well as work with your staff members on their English skills to accelerate your business rate growth and aim for its fullest potential.

English For Politicians, Government and Law Enforcement

We have vast experience in educating individuals, whose public service career paths demand impeccable language skills. Our trained native speakers expose students to the advanced jargon within a particular field.

Such tailored approach allows to develop highly specialised skills, which not only enhance knowledge and enrich vocabulary, but empower to communicate in a confident and professional manner.

What You’ll Learn

Once the English speaking transformation is in your hands, what will you do with it?

What’s the best thing that money can buy? For many, it’s self-evolution. When you improve and develop yourself – everything else develops with you. Your career, your private life, and your ability to shape your future.

This is why learning in a way that is useful and beneficial is the best educational decision you can make. And in the entire industry, no one matches the quality of Talk To Me.