About Us

Surround Yourself With People Who Inspire You To Learn

Our mission is to elicit your individual qualities, while setting learning English with a human touch as your primary goal.

Meet Claudia

Claudia spent many years working for corporate businesses in her hometown, London, UK. She felt out of place, lacking the human touch in every company she had worked for. She then moved abroad, and personally experienced how unsuccessful the foreign language teaching system was.



Inspired to take matters into her own hands, Claudia obtained her qualifications and began teaching English abroad. After many years of providing language services and educating a wide spectrum of learners across the globe, Talk To Me was born.



Along with her team of qualified native speakers, they continue to dedicate their lives to helping others achieve the ultimate in speaking the global language.

Meet The Team

Our team is a group of qualified, strongly passionate people, who attract the same type of students. In addition to our unique culture that results in remarkable language skills, we have experience in what we do, and we constantly learn from the most renowned sources.






Office Manager


Office Administrator


Financial Director



Evolve The Way You Learn English

We have radically transformed the way students
consume information and learn languages.

While traditional learning offers a solid knowledge of correct use of grammar, a more sophisticated way for students to learn to speak is by delivering educational materials that capture their interest. Focusing on discussing subjects that matter to the student in English, helps master the practice of conversation, while reflecting on their experiences and thoughts.

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Let Us Help You Polish Your English

    What People Have To Say About Us

    Learning online means flexibility in terms of time and place, which is very convenient, not only during the “Corona times”. I can highly recommend this school and I’m sure you will love it, just as I do!
    Karolina Wójcik
    Internal Auditor
    What distinguishes the activities with Talk to Me from other English lessons is the individual, insightful approach to the student’s abilities, interests and needs, as well as non-standard and innovative way of teaching.
    Angelika Puchalska
    Student of Psychology
    Learning English with Talk to Me is a real pleasure, not a duty. Various and interesting topics are discussed during the lessons. My teacher focuses on the individual needs of the student.
    Karolina Nieróbca
    Project Management Coordinator
    I Don't Have A Conventional Program I Used To Have In School, Contrarily My Teacher Follows My Needs, Hobbies, And Interests.
    Dorota Bodzioch

    Join The Talk to Me Team

    We are always looking for native speaker talents to join Talk To Me. This includes people, who don’t only define themselves based on their teaching and editing skills or education. We want to learn about the charisma that drives you!

    If we fit what you’re seeking, let’s get to know each other. To apply for consideration for a Talk to Me position, write to careers@talktomeenglish.co.uk with all the information you feel we might need.