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We consider our work not just a ‘language first aid’, but also a way of intensifying your passion, developing hobbies in English, and discovering personal growth with our dynamic hand-tailored programs for learning the global language. We like to think it’s a big reason why so many people choose to work with us.

Talk To Me brings you the most significant of all things – the skill of maintaining conversations that will not only be fluent, grammatically correct and filled with exquisite vocabulary, but also allow you to discover new growth opportunities around you, that will transform you in ways traditional education never could.

Endless amounts of hours in our lives are devoted to learning how to sound smooth, when speaking a foreign language. But we spend very little time on doing things that will determine the quality of our conversation.

Speaking English is more than just using common vocabulary and feeling like you are unable to actually speak eloquently. We teach people the secrets to gaining the skills and confidence that change the quality of our how we converse with English speakers.

We have radically transformed the way students consume information and learn the language. While traditional learning offers solid knowledge of correct use of grammar, a more sophisticated way for students to learn to speak is by delivering educational materials in English that capture their interest. Focusing on discussing subjects that matter to the student helps master the practice of conversation, while reflecting on their experiences and thoughts.

Invest In Your Lifelong Education

Many people would assume they’re just not working hard enough, or that they’re not skilled or talented enough to achieve the ultimate in speaking with foreigners. But that’s not the real reason you’re not exactly where you want to be. The truth is, it’s not easy to break through your own mental barriers.
We oftentimes get nervous in a scenario of having to lead a conversation in a language that is not our own. Replaying the conversation in your head and later wondering, if you used that tense correctly, or if you could have replaced that ‘great’ with another, more sophisticated word is nothing strange for us to hear from a student.

If all this wasn’t real, anyone who reads a ‘Learn English in 30 days’ book would be living their dream life. Fortunately, thanks to the highly optimised Talk To Me lessons, all those things are about to change for you forever.

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